Help us re-unite this lass with her camera (facebook)

Thousands join Facebook group to help find beauty featured on lost digital camera: The good news for this mystery blonde is that the digital camera she mislaid on holiday has been found. The bad news is that the revealing pictures of herself stored on its memory card have been posted on the internet.

This girl loses her camera but some guys found it and posted a help group called "Help us re-unite this lass with her camera" at Facebook. They uploaded all her photos including a few full frontal nude shots of the lass. Those nude photos has since been taken off Facebook.

Click here for the link at Facebook.

Drunken Yeti has mirrored all her photos including those removed from Facebook. Click here to view all the photos in her camera (NSFW).

This lass got dugg and socialized big time!

[via Fleshbot]


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